wer ist wir

Solo exhibit at Galerie arToxin, Munich

new conceptual paintings, an object and video works


Opening on May 3rd, 19:00

Kirchenstr. 23 / 81675 München

We – Fr 14:00 – 20:00, Sa 12:00 – 18:00

parenté á la plaisanterie

Installation for the Off Biennale Dakar, 5th Mai – 21st May 2018, Senegal

series of 5 oversize T-shirts, cotton, à 250 x 240 cm

The installation consists in a series of T-shirts with imprints of modified logos of 5 representatively chosen concerns, who exploit West Africa and exemplarily stand for repressive neocolonialism. The names of the companies are replaced in the logos by individual syllables of the term “joke-relationship”. In West Africa this humorous kind of elocution is deemed as a universal codex and as well as a mechanism to arbitrate, to coexist peacefully across boundaries of clans or religions, but also between individuals. Applied on the relationship of West Africans to such companies, the term evolves scathing sarcasm, which also reflects on the history of the exhibition space Relais de l’Espadon on the Île de Gorée.

For more detailed background information:

PDF-Dokument [190.3 KB]


GÆG Performance in October 2017, Production of video 2018

Exhibit at Rathausgalerie Munich


Opening on October 3rd, 19:00

Marienplatz 8 / 80331 München

Tu – Su 11:00 – 19:00

With an oversize pen, the artists have drawn a rectangle over 600 km across Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.

On the website the performance was documented in real-time and only there the line manifested as a visible graphic.

The resulting video work comes in the look of a video game about a man, dragging an enormous pen along an imagined straight line, resisting against antagonists from a fictitious, violent state agency. 

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