GÆG recently completed two large-size murals for a tenement in Innsbruck/ Tyrol, Müllerstr. 11

with the Architects Volker Flamm and Wolfgang Ohnmacht


As a solo project a room-high, freestanding photoprint on glass recently was installed at the sleuth dog unit, PI Allach,

Munich in collaboration with the Photographer Henning Koepke and the Architect Michael Bosch

Das Hybris Projekt


Narda Alvarado (BO)

Chim↑Pom (JP)

Ursula Damm (DE)

GÆG: Thomas Huber & Wolfgang Aichner (DE)

Lucy Glendinning (GB)

Harminder Judge (GB)

Bjørn Melhus (DE)

Tobias Regensburger (DE)

Xu Tan (CN)

Pinar Yoldas (TR)


more information at

Hochmut und sisyphale Vergeblichkeit

03.06. – 14.08.2016  ACC Galerie, Weimar

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