hugs & kisses

installation at Gallery FOE 156, Munich, June 2017

Curators: Tina Hudelmaier and Max Weisthoff 

walle! walle

installation at Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, 2001

acrylic/ metal mesh, 13,70 x 2.25 m

silva inflata ©

installation with 30 breathing objects, 90 – 165 cm hight, mixed media, 2005

in collaboration with Thomas Huber (GÆG)

The artists point out an ironic perception of interaction with Nature. An artificial created forest represented as a nostalgic scheme of yearning.

Several bonsai-trees, seasonal autonomous, variable in colour, shape, dimension and nomenclature derived from accordant botanical originals.

Ensould trees - each of them get revived by a continuous air blowing ventilation-system, till blown up to its basic sublime perfect form, to be transformed by vacu­uming slowly, into a blank, sleeping object. A perpetual cycle.


sculpture made of two hanging objects, 2008, 100 x 35 cm, acrylic/ steel


installation, acrylic/ metal mesh, 2 x 4 m, 2003

sheep in cylinder

installation 1995, Tidal Basin, London

acrylic/ nylon mesh, 400 x 320 cm, swiveling on steel pole according to wind movement

freiheits- und einheitsdenkmal

not realized, top-placed design (of coequal 4) in the open, aborted competition 2009 for the memorial of liberty and unity in Berlin

An authentic photograph of the decisive demonstration 1989 in Leipzig (not in Berlin!) is presented on the shape of a demonstration banner in over-size.

The image presents itself as instable and capricious as the equivalence in duration of liberty and unity by being dissolved in movable pixels, eluding wind pressure.

A cooperative between a western artist and an eastern photographer was proposed – one of few East German photographers who on pain of penalties has documented this first demonstrations in Leipzig. These photographs were made in black and white, as they had to be developed secretly at home.

The chosen image shows faces of this courageous people in the first large demonstration, when hesitantly the first banners were held up.


For the following, nominated tender, the artist was not invited. A striking design of naive symbolism has won the competition by a politically well-connected architect who first of all sacked the cooperating artist as soon as the competition was won. The design contains the slogan “we are one people”, the propagandistic transfiguration of West Germany of the original “we are the people”.


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